Posted by: Moon | August 7, 2008

Some days are Diamonds, Some days are Stones

Today was def a diamond, without a doubt. Had a good nights sleep, woke next to my beautiful wife,  had my fruit and bits for breakfast, weighed myself (lost nearly 2 stone since Christmas now ) and left for the office feeling really good. You know the feeling, whistling, enjoying the sunshine, skipping kinda good.. singing “Something tells me I’m into something good” …… 

Drove at least 5 meters past our new next door neighbour, Jeff. Great bloke, and owns a wonderful hound called Max. He is gorgeous (Max, not Jeff) Golden Retriever, 10 years old, still has the life of a puppy left in him. So as I pass, I notice Max has had a hair cut, and look even more adorable, so I pull over, open the window and make pleasant conversation. during this brief conversation, Jeff mentions that, if we are interested, he would love to take us out on his boat for a cruise around. “IF” .. ha ha ha … YES PLEASE !!. It was only a few days before, myself and Mrs M were saying how much we would love to go for a cruise around on a boat…. what a nice guy Jeff is …… 

So, now in an even better mood, I get to the office, Mrs M in a separate car (she was giving the Vet of Death, a lift to work)… as I arrive, the CFO of the company upstairs (who we are good friends with) comes into my office asking if we would like to accompany them to an afternoon at Angels Stadium watching the Angels play Baseball. Now, those of you who know me, know I love my sport, so that a second yes yes yes please ……. 

so, at 12pm, we head off to a suite at The Angels stadium to watch my first all American sport .. Baseball ! It was a great time… sat high up in the stadium, in the first innings alone we see two HUGE home runs, with the Angels winning 9-4 .. so all good…

Life sometimes helps you out with a diamond of day, helps you cope with the Stones !


  1. Jammy Bugger…

  2. such terrible language !

  3. And don’t forget the BBQ you’re invited to in the Yukon. I feel soooo unapreciated! (kidding!)

  4. Baseball – Yay! Great Fun!
    I went to see the Pawtucket Red Sox (sub-team for the Boston Red Sox) play Rochester when I was in Rhode Island a couple of years back – I loved it – I want to go see another game next time I am out that way!
    Hope you joined in with all the chants 😀

  5. Gah! Envious. I want to see a proper Baseball game. Adam used to play it as a littley and we’d go and watch the Sydney BlueJays . . nothing in comparison to a big US event. .da-da da dat dadaaaaa – ! CHARGE! (although a boat trip around Newport Beach sounds pretty cool too!)

  6. I’m a lucky boy .. really am, and we embrace all of it.

    CB : Oh sorry, I hadn’t forgotten, I like my steak rare, so a good vet can bring it back to life

    Baino : It was good fun, but a little slow in the 5th inning onwards. which, considering i can watch cricket for 5 days it a bit strange ! but they do sport very well here.

    Taffy : The chants are awful, nothing as creative as the uk footie chants I am used to … I would sing you some, but the language is appalling ! It was good though, I will post some photos !

  7. My Sweetie, being from Lahndahn, followed ‘The Crazy Gang’ (?) to every football ground in England.

    Can’t quite believe the songs you chappies sing at the opposition. Wouldn’t be allowed in GAA*!!!

    (* Gaelic (proper) football, pronounced with LOTS of phlegm, as Gaaaaaaaaaahhh)

  8. Jen : Gay-lick footie is for girls !!!! not !.. I would love to see a a game at Croke Park !…

  9. I hereby claim your ass for County Laois!!!

    Jersey and contract to be signed in your blood are in the post…

    (And, if de papers are to be believed, the Gay Licking is ALL American football)

  10. Never had my ‘ass’ claimed before !!!!… I did watch a game through a tv shop window when I was last in Dublin … I think it was Cork v somebody who had never won before, about 4 years ago… the final , i was hooked as the under dogs won for the first time ever, beating cork …

    I will get a second tattoo for my new Gay-Lick footie side !

  11. Yep, it’s good to have the diamonds turn up from time to time, isn’t it? Makes up for all the stones we find most of the time. Of course, sometimes the stones are quite pretty too. 😉

  12. Jay : i think I am an optomist …. had lots of stones, like most people, but life is pretty good …. things work out when you need them too

  13. Simply … everything happens for reason.

  14. Moon: Do you really believe that everything happens for a reason? I sure as hell don’t. Things happen – good and bad. That is it – life. No reasons, just the way it is.

  15. As it happens I do …. evrything makes you stronger and able to cope, and it all happens for some reason ,,,,,

  16. I guess we shall have to disagree on this one.

  17. Oooh…. Siding with Mr. Moon on this one….

    Call it what you like but I think we get nudged in the right direction. That’s why we have ‘gut feelings’ and ‘intuition’, I suppose.

    The choice is still up to us though!! 🙂

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