Posted by: Moon | July 29, 2008

Whoooooa Baby !!!

Holy Crap !

talking on the phone to my Boss Mr D, the earth certainly moved for me !


An earthquake of 5.8 just hit us, 30 miles east of downtown LA !, and I can tell you that is shit scary. the desk was shaking, the whole office shaking, lasted for about 10 seconds. I can tell you now, 10 seconds is a loooong time when all hell is shaking !


scared, very scared… it’s a very surreal experience, just sitting there as the whole building shakes….


Wow ….



  1. Not nice at all. I’ve only experienced tremors and they’re bad enough! But you will live on the San Andreas Fault . . .!

  2. Is everything OK there? I hear all the cell phones are out!

  3. Well, I just used mine, it was working .. all ok, no damage I believe, but it was a pretty big one, not nice at all .. still the earth moved for Mrs M !

  4. Oh good. Hopefully my friends will be back in touch again soon then. I know quite a few people in the LA area. Thanks!

    *Mutters: I want the earth to move!*

  5. This was the worst since we are in States. I must say that those who live with this every day maybe don’t even bother to lift the head but it was scary and you feel that there is nothing you can do. Only wait until it is finished.

  6. but it was scary and you feel that there is nothing you can do. Only wait until it is finished.”

    she is NOT talking about our sex life !!!!!!

  7. And you make fun of me and my earthquake water.

  8. Would you stop playing with my… and go back to work !!!

  9. dude , just watched it on the news , they are saying that there may be a bigger one on the way ! I’d get under the table for the next one if i was you. apparently some bloke called andreas caused it all ? some thieving gypsy no doubt !

  10. Mog : All a bit of a worry … you can take my place of Le Golf tour if it all goes wrong !

    DBM : Can you send me some down please !

    Mrs M : Perks of the job !

  11. Ohh Thank you DBM… so Moon are still stubborn bull who doesn’t need water and basic stuff in case of emergency?

  12. Must have been cool though! To have the earth move for you and Mrs M at the same time – some couples never get to experience that. As for DBM’s earthquake water – I would skip it and stock up on beer. That way, if it all goes wrong – you can stay hydrated, and not really care if the world falls down around your ears.

    Take care.

  13. Glad to hear you & Mrs. M are alright!

  14. Cortes : You should market that idea, Earthquake Beer, the Beer for survivors” !!

    JB : all good ta, LA Office still up and running !

  15. moon,

    next time don’t just sit there, get outside or something. better yet find out from the fire dept what the best thing to do is so you are prepared for the next one…why does everyone like california??? at least with a hurricane you have plenty of time to leave. what is your tale on that moon…you have been put in both situations now??

  16. You people are crazy!

    My pudgy bum would be on the first plane flying to a non-floating-on-unstable-hot-stuff country!


  17. One reason why I could never live on the West Coast. Did you hide underneath the desk?

  18. Trouble : I guess I like the element of surprise !, I’m niot sure, either one is not nice, the rush to the airport to get away, or just the general shock !, my boss certainly learnt some new languague !!!

    Jen : Not so much crazy, it was really weird though …. hard to expalin how it feels. Had three now, that was by far the worst !

    Sharon : I am permantly under the desk, nice and cosy under there, and no-one bothers me !

  19. Well at least you haven’t lost your sense of humour Moon (& Mrs. M). So where are you hiding now? Still under the desk? Leave Mrs. M. alone for a minute will ya?

    You need to publish that post your just wrote. It’s been sitting there since the day of the earthquake. Come on, get a move on!

    Are you wondering how I know? (hoo-hoo-haw-haw-haw!!!)

  20. It was telling you, “Welcome to California!”

    It’s really sad when I’ve become desensitized by earthquakes. I hardly felt it, merely, because when I felt it, I was just finished getting gas and just started driving again so the vibration felt like an uneven road.

    I think the biggest eartquake I’ve ever felt was a 7.9 about 10 years ago. That was a sight to see as the chandelier in the house swayed back and forth.

    But, since I’ve been so used to it, it doesn’t scare me anymore. Then again, I’ve never been in a really tall building when one happened so I am sure my perspective will change when that experience comes.

  21. Hey Sharla, nice to hear from you… it scared me alot…. i was at my desk on the phone… man, it was a proper shudder… but nowhere near the 7.9 area !!!!

    Hope you are well x

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