Posted by: Moon | July 27, 2008

Dave ………..

Apologies to anyone I know, or who reads this called Dave …..


So, DBM is here with me for the week-end, and we have managed to piss off Mr DBM within minutes of them being here … It comes from a few things so I will try to explain…


I had a dream a few nights back, Not quite as world changing as Dr Martin Luther King, but an interesting one to me none the less. The dream consisted of naming our future children. Before anyone asks the Question .. NO, Mrs M is not pregnant, and won’t be for a while yet, and definitely NO, DBM is not pregnant, just her Baby Bump is huge now !!, I think she has the gestation period of an elephant !


So my dream goes something like this …. Mrs M is pregnant, and we can’t decide what to call the cherub, so we decide, IF the baby is a boy, I chose, if its female.. she chooses.. seems fair. So, the baby is male, and I get to chose … I choose Dave !

You cannot call a child Dave !, David is OK, but not Dave….. Dave will always, in my mind be associated with Trigger in Only Fools and Horses


See clip


and (this is how Mr DBM gets pissed off) Red Dwalf … “They are Dead Dave” ..

So, at least 20 times a day, either Myself or DBM say.. “They’re Dead Dave, All Dead Dave”.. Mr DBM wonders at our Humour, Mrs M, doesn’t really understands, and the Vet of Death (Miska’s Cousin) pretends she can’t understand English, very cunning !


So, we then think of other names, some we like, some we laugh at. I would love to honour my Dad, I really would, but how can I christen a child either Donald or Arthur.. you just can’t do it can you ?

I like Isabelle, but that will always come with the line “Necessary on a bike!!”…

We like Joshua, but with Mrs M’s addiction to Friends… that is now out, “Joshuaaaaaaaaaa”

Sam, love the name, already taken in our family, and we had a dog names Sam. Other ones we like come along, and then dismissed because we went to school with a fat/ugly/stupid/bully/smelly kid named the same …..

In New Zealand only this week, a 12 year old girl took her parents to court to be able to change her name to Katie.. the name she had always asked her Friends to call her. The judge, understandably annoyed at the waste of time the girl was using up in court ask her why she would want to change her name …. ?, What is you given name then ? “FiFi Trixibelle goes to the moon!” …. Ah, yes, of course you can change your name.

I also do not understand the arrogance of fathers calling thier son’s Billy Bob the 3rd, or Jnr … how arrogant is that.. give the child it’s own identity please.

It’s a huge responsibility …..So, if we are blessed one day with a child or two, then I think I know what I will call him or her …. but that would be telling wouldn’t it ……………..


  1. At a place I used to work, a co-worker was expecting, and we would try to think up first names that, when combined with the kid’s actual last name, would be hideous. I don’t remember the names now, but think Richard Head (Dick Head). The best ones are when you combine the first and last, and pronounced together, they sound like one word.

  2. Oh dear. You know where this is going, don’t you Moon?

    Naughtius Maximus, maybe? Oh, hang on, how about ‘Sillius Soddus’ or Biggus Dickus. Or maybe if it’s a girl: Incontinentia Buttocks *snigger*

  3. Oh, I LOVE Red Dwarf!! We watched that very episode only this week, having decided on yet another run-through of the entire series. The early ones were the best, for sure!

    As for Isabelle, that name just reminds me irresistibly of Jake Thackeray’s song: –

    (everybody sing along)

    ‘Isabelle makes love upon National Monuments
    With style, and enthusiasm, and
    Anyone at all!’

    No. You cannot call your future girl-child Isabelle. I forbid it!

    Thanks. Now I have that song running through my head. ROFL!

  4. Well, I’ve got an odd name, courtesy of my ma hanging out with a bunch of hippies when I was born. Doesn’t bother me much. It is only one word though, as opposed to a ridiculous sentence.

  5. Oh, and did I tell you my husband’s name is Dave? His legal name is David, and his mom calls him Davie.

  6. I went to school (convent, natch) with three sisters named Concepta, Immaculata and Assumpta. Honest to blog!

    Raging tarts, the lot of ’em.

    In my family, we name our kids after dead people. My birth cert says my name is ‘Sinéad’ but clever Nanny bucked the trend and called me Jenny instead. (Thank God!)

    With respect to names reminding you of telly moments / cock-a-knee rhyming slang / kids you used to hate in school – I suggest you bypass all of the above and give the sprog(ette) an Irish name. You’ll have a lifetime of enjoyment listening to people (take a bow EM!) mispronouncing them in all manner of wierd and wonderful ways!

    As for Dave, that’s my brother’s name! Only we call him ‘Dathaigh’. See?


  7. Well what do you expect when you call people Aoife. I didn’t know it wasn’t pronounced ‘aye-oh-iffy’, did I.

    Yer woman that presents the Afternoon Show on RTE 1 is called Bláthnaid Ní Chofaigh. I mean, I ask you, is that a name or some kind of terrible disease?!

  8. CB : Applogies to your hubbie !, There are so many names I can have fun with, I like the idea of calling the christian name the same as the surname .. ie William William .. or Richard Richard !

    EM : I live next to a road call Plancentia Ave, always think of Biggus Dickus … !

    Jen : I have enough problems with incorporating Slovakian names and pronouciation !, so nope to paddy !.. Love the idea of sisters with names like that who are Slappers .. woo hoo….

    Thrifty : People think that with my name of Moon ….. they think Ma was a hippie !…..

    EM : Busy day then, watching TV in the afternoon ……. now where did I leave my golf clubs ….

  9. Jay : Watched all the first 4-5 series, never enjoyed the last couple .. even now, we have a fish in the office, and I’ll walk by sining “I gonna eat you little fishy …”

    I still like Isabelle ….. who knows…..

  10. I like Isabelle. Our mutual mate C (who commented on here did she not??) has an Isobelle – gorgeous little girl. You’re right about the association of names with people. x

  11. Ha! First thing I thought of “Without your space helmet, Dave, you’re going to find that rather difficult”. Wasn’t there a Dutch swimmer called Ava Cock? Now that’s cruel and unusual.

  12. Baino : Ava Cock …. No Way !!!, nearly as bad as the german footballer called Kuntz !!!!

    EM : Weird, but it’s true, we had some Aussies with Mum who were school teachers, they founs it so hard to chose a name !

  13. OMG! Kuntz! I had no clue how to pronounce that name the first time I came across it. I worked for a mutual fund company and had to call a client to clarify information for a pre-authorized withdrawal from his bank account. Except, I didn’t realize I couldn’t pronounce the name until the person at the other end of the line picked up the phone. I went pale. “Uh, Mr. … uhm…K…K…” and yes, I said it! That is, I said it wrong. Needless to say, the client wasn’t impressed and, of course, quickly corrected me. I was so embarrassed, but it sure makes for a great story now!

  14. I dreamt I had a dog and I called it Stanley – not bad – for a dog.
    Had a great weekend with Moon and the lovely M, but I think Mr DBM was a bit bemused by our juvenile humour. Sister R and I are exactly the same when we get together. I believe it really annoys our Mum. Oh well, it is not as though we get to see each other very often and I need a good giggle once in a while. Mr. DBM, bless him, does not share this particular sense of humour.

  15. Yukon : Marvellous, I would have piss myself laughing at that one !!!

    DBM : It was good to see you too, Baby bump getting bigger, but I now have some SHREDDIES !!!!!, also, if I had a dog, or dogs, I would call them Bil and Baggins ! so, Stanley is now out for a baby boy !

  16. How about Benny if it’s a boy, after his father?

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