Posted by: Moon | July 24, 2008

Sister R and Chilli Boy

More introductions to my family …….


My readers might have guessed that we are a close family, I think that has to do with the four children being within 5.5 years of each other. TV never worked at home obviously !, they stopped having kids when they came out ginger.


Sis R - Without her crutches !

Sis R - Without her crutches !

Anyway, sister R was always the rebel. Following on from Golden Balls, the only way she would ever be noticed was to be the rebel. I think she is the cleverest of all of us, certainly the most practical, and def the most unluckiest. Her health is terrible (that’scoming from me with my broken bones, and DBM’sbaby bump !), but she copes amazingly well, and she is going through a tough time right now, deciding what to do with her life …. I believe she would want to become a full time Auntie (think she will have to wait a little while just yet !!). She is married to Chilli Boy, standing 6ft 5in, he towers over her, and he is a remarkable man. To have put up with the sometime ‘difficult’ sister, he deserves more than a medal, I think I shall rename him Sir Chilli Boy, he deserves a knighthood. 

Together they make an excellent couple, one drivingforward, organising, with Sir CB happy to be led, but being strongto keep guiding her through some tough times. 

Sir Chilli Boy

Sir Chilli Boy

Sir Chilli Boy has always been a very good brother-in-law, and excellent sense of humour. Well, the same as mine, so maybe not excellent, it makes makes me laugh alot!. another great thing about Sir CB, is his ability to turn any time, into beer time!, or whisky, wine, Bloody Mary, vodka time !. I got really close to Sir CB on our trip to Thailand in 2007. I was at a low in my life, not sure where I was heading, and Ma, Sis R and Sir CB decided to spend some time in Thailand. R and Sir CD having spent a year back packing around the area, it was  a great chance for them to show us Thailand. My first day in Thailand was very memorable, we sat first of all in the famous Khoisan Road, drinking a cold Tiger Beer, watching the world go by. that night Sis R decided that we should first eat in a decent restaurant, the last time I might add. Thai food is amazing, and we always would eat where locals eat, so this was our last trip into a ‘classy’ restaurant. Anyway, we had the normal Thai food, not too hot for me, but wonderful, coconut, sweet, my kind of food. Then, Sir CB gets a chilli ready to eat ..

Me : “Ooooh, I don’t know how you can eat those”

Sir CB : “I love them, washed down with a nice cold one”

Me : “Freak”

Sir CB “Try one, they are ok, esp these ones, they are baked, not hot at all”

Me : “F**k off are they”

Ma : “SIMON !!!!!”

Me : “Oops, sorry Ma”

Sir CB then eats it …. no reaction, bearing in mind he sweats like a man on a apple stealing charge in Saudi Arabia…..

Me : “mmmmm, ok, can’t be too bad then”

Just as the chilli entered my mouth, I noticed Sir CB’s bald head. I don’t normally get to see it as he is 6ft 5in … but it is now starting to leak.. BIG TIME…..

Sir CB : ” Oh, he it comes …”

Me : “what ?… here comes wha…….. JES**, F****ng C****.. you W**ker …!!!”

Ma : ” SIMON !!!!!!!!!”

I couldn’t even apologise, I was now in bits. I was in serious pain, sucking Ice and crying, wasn’t help by the laughter from the others …… 

We spent alot of time together in Thailand, with Sis R sometime unwell, or shopping with Ma, we would sneak off for a beer, and watch the girls in their Tiger Beer Dresses… I loved getting close to him, and he is a great friend !

Another conversation went something like this :

Me : “Toilets here in Thailand annoy me …”

Ma : ” Why”

Me :” Well, the water in them is too high, I get terrible splashback”

Ma and Sis R ” Urrrrgh, what a horrible thing to talk about ..”

Sir Chilli Boy ” I agree.. they are awful …..”

Sis R : “why honey?”

Sir CB :”My balls touch the water, it’s not nice!” 

No-one said much after that comment !

Sis R still struggles with her illnesses, but she is my saviour, the one who try always to keep us all together, and is currently organising my Wedding plans back in Blighty !!!!

so, now you know two more members of the family x


  1. Awwww nasty trick pwnd the n00b!
    My son, DrummerBoy will do almost anything for a bet including downing two whole small red chillies (ube hot). After his head blew off, he claimed the cash. I don’t remember Thai toilets having that effect . . ah that’s right . . I don’t have testicles. (Talk about a conversation stopper!) And a wedding ‘how excitement’!

  2. Baino : I hope you haven’t !!!!… well, we are already married, but we are having a blessing back home in Sept … should be really good fun ! Post to follow about the 1st wedding in Canada….

  3. I got married five times in two different continents – to be sure x 5.

  4. Love you

  5. Quickroute : Explain … 5x’s ????

    Sis R : Ha, got you to comment on my blog, DBM will be annoyed.. Love you too x

  6. Hey Moon, it’s nice to read about your family. Thanks for sharing. I’m looking forward to reading about your wedding in Canada.

  7. @Moon: “Explain 5 times?”

    1: Civil ceremony in New York
    2: Civil ceremony in Buenos Aires
    3, 4 & 5: Mixed Religious ceremony with a Hassan, Catholic priest and the civil judge

    and a translator thrown in for good measure!

  8. all to the same person (the good missus) I should clarify!

  9. Phew! Thought we had a Zsa Zsa in the camp!

    I’m LOVING Chilli Boy, by the way! I’m related to his Irish counterpart…

    (snigger) Simon! (snigger) 😀

  10. Oh, what a thought… the water, in the toilet, oh goodness, you really made me laugh. 🙂

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