Posted by: Moon | July 15, 2008

Boobs – A great competition …

Following on from Yukon’s post ….

Boobs, The Twins, Rack, The girls, Breasts, Jubblies, Norks, Swangers, Fun bags, Dumplings, ………. what a wonderful gift God decided on when he gave ladies those great things, hours of fun for us fellas, and a way for women to control men !!.. I am not stupid to think that is all women use, but be honest girls, you have all used them at some point to influence the male mind. If only us men knew what you girls wanted, then you wouldn”t need to use that tactic. If I knew what women wanted, I would be King, not King of England, or president of the USA, but I mean King of the World !…. Men never know, and will NEVER know… here’s why …….

Now, this post is not going to be pervey, It’s more an observation from a male point of view…. why or why do girls want to add stupid fake boobs ???. When I am on the beach here in Newport, or walking around, I notice the occasional great set of Charlies, I am a man, thats what we do. Mrs M is ok with that, after all, if Mr Depp, Craig, Statham, Clooney or Pitt (Damn, thats a long list ….)  walks by, she will have a long hard stare. We now have a competition .. Real or Fake ?, and we reckon that 60:40 in favour of real, but it is close….. Some we cannot tell, some poke you literally in the eye, and we have to hide our giggles, and try not to yell out “you are kidding me, you think they look good” ????. Who decides that these crazy things look good ?, The girl, maybe, the surgeon… should know better, but the dollar talks… and lastly the husband, boyfriend, film producer … the most likely. I know living in California, indeed South California, we are exposed to the crazyness of plastic surgery everyday. To call into your surgeon is as likely as going to the dentist… it’s a status symbol, look at the photo attached to try to explain this area I live in…. everyday we pass all the cars shown, it’s not uncommon, this is one hell of a rich place, and therefore Women, either pushed by TV stereotypes, or their daft husbands can easily afford the odd nip and tuck.

Which one to use today ?, The bentley, Aston, Ferrari, Merc ...

Which one to use today ?, The bentley, Aston, Ferrari, Merc ...

Before all you ladies yell at me, I do understand the medical reasons for reconstruction, probably more than you, (long story, never ever for public knowldege), and I know that it is vital to a women… that aside.. why oh why, oh why do ladies do it ?????????


Real or Fake, which do you prefer ?

I have had personal experience with both… the real and the fake…. I know which I prefer, What about you ????


  1. I understand the poor ladies that need an reduction because of back problems etc but to make them sooo big, no, bloody stupid.Small boobs will never droop down to your belly button.Wonder what a 90 year old lady will look like with 44 dd boobs, if they live that long.Could be a new industry, they would need some type of support.

  2. The Aston, please.

  3. Small can most certainly be beautiful, as can ample, this business of going all Lolo Ferrari with the fake ones is no good. They come in all shapes and sizes for a reason. Well, same basic shape, but… you know what I mean. As for the billy clip, a mate of mine told me her mother announced the other day “You know like is more than a series of orgasms!” (in response to something on the telly), bit of a shock, but entertaining all the same

  4. I don’t think the fake ones will ever droop, regardless of age. They’re like deer permanently stuck in headlights (I’m guessing here). The “au naturel” ones will definitely reach the belly button by then and become the Diving Divas. You’re right Moon, right now they’re just the Designated Drivers. 😉

  5. Awe, Moon, how nice of you to add me to your blogroll. I feel so special. And no, you won’t be getting any boob shots from me! Just so ya know.

  6. June : I was watching a programme on the BBC about reductions, must be very painful to have J Cups … the weight on the back and neck !

    DBM : I know, it’s your big birthday next year ….

    Thrifty : The Billy C clip always makes me laugh, it’s so true.

    Yukon : we all have our opinions, some fellas like that ‘up-front’ look, not me to be honest, as they come are great by me !

  7. I LOVE Billy Connolly – went to see him in his ‘Too Old To Die Young’ tour in London, it was a scream!

    To answer your question from a woman’s POV, I can’t understand it either. Mine are all my own, guys, and I’m proud of it. I might have thought briefly about a reduction due to back pain, but nah. Basically all I had to do was lose some excess pounds and I’m now a manageable size 36-38″. Who wants bigger? Who wants to look as if they’ve stuffed a couple of half cantaloupes under their skin? I’ll tell you one thing, you can never buy clothes off the peg when you’re that size, not and have them look good.

    Luckily my dear Other Half feels the same. As a man, he loathes implants, and as for my own ‘girls’, well, he’s just … grateful. LOL!

  8. Apparently Billy Connolly’s here in the Yukon as part of some documentary being filmed. I don’t know if he’s in Whitehorse as I’m writing this, but he’s somewhere around here.

    As for the twins, I’m happy that my hubby feels the same as yours Jay. The more the natural the better.

  9. Jay & Yukon : I am a very lucky man to have ‘The Girls’, but I am sensitive to the merits of reconstruction, and reduction… joking aside, it is not an easy subject for a man to comment on, so I normally hide behind humour. I guess I believe to be happy with what you have, Mrs M seems happy with me, so all is rosy for us, but maybe thats being too simple about it !

  10. Boy, can we get into a long discussion on this one. Everyone has their reasons for things. Whether medical or aesthetic, I guess the most important thing, like you said Moon, is that you’re comfortable in your skin. Girls and women are bombarded with media, breast cancer wreaks havoc on the body when you survive, and general health can be greatly affected by boob problems. Then there are men. Heaven forbid if a guy should pack a few extra pounds in that area. Like I said, you have to be comfortable with your skin, cause you’re the one living in it.
    Glad to hear Mrs. M is happy with yours. 😉

  11. Funny, not just here in th U.s, but all over the world, we are constantly tempted… hell, even encouraged… to “modify” ourselves to fit someone elses view of how we should be. Dye your hair, no grey allowed, get hair implants if you are bald, bigger boobs for those lacking… something?, tummy tucks, nose jobs — where does the list stop???!!! I will admit to personally having (& being rather fond of) tattoos & a peirced ear. But at least WYSIWYG! Like you said Moon, we can’t help but look (women, notice the word is look, not necassarily admire), but plastic toys are for little boys! I really don’t care about size or shape. It’s ALL good. Just let them be REAL! Whoever you are, that’s who you are. Be proud! There is only 1 of you.

  12. Ha! You said there would be boobs! Well since I’m not a man I wouldn’t know what looks good, feels good or appeals . . .for me, boobs are for breast feeding not fun bags for blokes, although my mother lied when she said it preserved their shape and texture! Thank God for good bras! Yep my puppies are all mine . . .even if they do look more like bloodhounds than poodles!

  13. Baino : A promise is a promise !

    Fanuch : I guess we all like to be a little different from the next person… in our hair, like you, I also have a tattoo, we all dress a little differently …. but to change cosmetically .. I wonder why, then I think about the peer pressure we see everyday, Hollywood, tabloid press…. the magic of an airbrush in a magazine makes the ‘stars’ look perfect ….. I guess I am lucky enough to be confident enough to laugh at this, sadly so many other are not ….

  14. It’s a fashion. Simply as that! What is a fashion is also necessary in these days, apparently. And why; because of money. It’s a new business. The plastic surgery reaches back to the 700s BCE to ancient India. From there we came to era where in year 2006 was performed 1.1 million Botox injections and nearly 11.5 million cosmetic surgical in USA. Yes only in USA. Some studies said that these numbers increased of 45% in year 2007. Look on the TV… buy better car with lower carbon emissions, buy a new child alarm, in case he/she runs two feet further then law prescribes (otherwise they will charge you from neglecting your child), get Botox party with your friends, get plastic surgery without surgery and next day no one even knows that you have done something (what a waste of money) Here we are…. So where all this is going… to huge money making industry of plastic surgery. Those who need breast implants, wherever its really visual or clinical problem will not expose them. Those who want to follow the fashion and be IN happily exposing newly spend thousands. I am one of the lucky ones… My husband doesn’t need to spend fortune to make them bigger or smaller. I am happy the way how I am. And he is what is even more important. But a shame is that many ‘ladies’ easy forget that what is the fashion doesn’t necessary suits them.

  15. Hey, nice to hear from you Mrs. M.

  16. Don’t care either way Moon,nice picks though,ha !

  17. I love my boobs. I’m a cleavage-out girl personally (tastefully done, natch). I hate those bloody half-melon false ones that look like they’re glued to the chest. We need bounce, people. It’s important x

  18. Oh and Moon, what’s a ‘competion’ ??

  19. awww, crap !

  20. Takes family to let you know when you screw up. Since I’m not family, I kept my mouth shut. hehehe

  21. I’m giggling at the comments here! LOL!

    Seriously, yes, there are women who will need to consider plastic surgery for various reasons: reductions for backache etc, reconstructions after cancer, some are born very, very lopsided and I wouldn’t argue with their need to ‘adjust’ .. it’s the gals who go for risky surgery merely for fashion or to ‘pull’ that I can’t understand.

  22. Jay : thats my point exactly, and I hope nobody got the wrong end of the post, it was meant to be humourous, and of course some surgery is very welcome, important and vital….

    Yukon: Please do tell me off for my spelling and grammar, I need all the help I can get !

    EM : Why didn’t you tell me that mistake days ago !!!!!

    Ali : Glad you enjoyed …..

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