Posted by: Moon | July 12, 2008

Don’t Bug Me …..

So, to my first sensible post ….


This is to mention and honour my dearest ‘skin and blister’, her blog is called Don’t Bug Me, hence her names of either DBM, or Bugs.

She is a clever little soul is Bugs, infact so smart, she has two degrees, and is now a Doctor. Don’t go asking her about your piles, hacking cough or the “nasty rash you must have picked up from the gym showers”, ahem.. !, she is not a medical doctor, but a Doctor of entomolgy (that is insects and bugs to you and I). Her blog is not about that, although the title of the blog might suggest it, her blog is about the things in life that bug the hell of her. See, I said she was smart, and it shows that her blog title uses a clever play on words. If I have to explain that any more, you are thicker than pig shit. no offence.

We are very close, all our family are very close, but we certainly differ is many, many ways, (she’s a chick, I’m a dude for starters!) The background of all of this stems from our family ‘positions’, she is 3 out of 4, I am the youngest. Being the youngest quite clearly is the hardest position to be in, always left behind, forgotten about, wearing hand me downs from the others… yes, wearing that dress to school was a MAJOR mistake !… DBM also suffered here. With the eldest brother Timbers being golden balls, and sister R being the rebel, where did that leave DBM. Well, a very small, shy, buck teeth, braces and google glasses (sorry DBM, but it’s true) but smart girl, smarter than the average bear Boo Boo, she tended to just hide away, she was athletic, great at gym, trampolining, giving serious dead legs, VERY sharp elbows and so, so dedicated to her school work, also, I think she has a photographic memory… In comparision to me, chalk and cheese. I was rough, falling out of trees, getting into trouble, not very bright at all, concentration span of zero, just wanted to be noticed, and fed off my brothers humour and tried to make people laugh. (still the same now !!!!)

So after her graduation, DBM decides to travel, the first one of us to follow in our Dad’s footsteps. She headed off to Australia, back packing, and ended up in Utah (no Sat Nav !) Sadly, having to return home after Dad got sick, and then died of cancer. Trying to return back to the USA, the wonderful immigration and visa people said no, bugger off…. so after a stint back at home, DBM then headed of to Vancouver to become a Dr. Now, this took years, and she was so lucky (she wil HATE me for satying that) to get her PhD, then meet her husband Mr DBM. I only ever got to see her for weddings, and brief weeks they managed to spend in England. So in Dec 2007, Mrs M and myself chose to spend Chrimbo in Vancouver, that 7 days then became 3 months for me, as I waited for those wonderful immigration people in the USA to say yes, they wanted me. In those 3 months I got to re-know my sister. After 19 years, we were thrown together for 3 months. It was wonderful, I got to see a totally different person. Gone was the shy, bullied girl at school, to a Lecturer at the various Vancouver Universities with Obsessive Compulsive disorder (never EVER move her dishes around in the kitchen). She also said “Fuck” alot, “Get out of the road you idiot”, “stop throwing stones are seaguls you moron” … man she had grown a pair !………

So, back to the point of this blog, she is not like me, I advertise to the world that I had taken the plunge in blogdom, emailed some people, forced Mrs M to read it, and beg for comments, trust me, it’s soul destroying to write all of this, and then see no comments….. I would moan, groan, and be depressed… she continues her blog. Mine is daft, silly, full of mistakes, and careless (like my personal character), hers is smart, wonderful, educational, perfectly written, and very very good. – Go have a look !



So we are chalk and Cheese, but very close, and I love her to death, after all, you only get one set of family.


  1. Not bad Moon. The sentiments defintely outweigh the grammatical errors.

    I have only known DBM for a few years now, but have to agree with you; she is clever, intelligent, writes a great Blog, has lost the buck teeth, does have a bit of a rough vocabulary at times (although I am certainly not one to talk), and is not afraid to speak her mind! I will not comment on the elbows or any other physical attributes. I will leave that to family.

    Special family.

  2. Moon: I am very, very touched. Thank you. It seems that our family is very good at glossing over serious and important issues, covering up feelings and thoughts with silly jokes and sarcasm. Now, I am usually all for that – I can give as good as I get (although I am not quite so good at the silly jokes, my sarcasm is definitely up there with the best). So, it is nice, for once, to actually admit to our real feelings and acknowledge our successes and achievements. Thanks for that, Moon – I really loved having you here and getting to know the lovely M for the first time and you all over again. OK, so you did bug me at times – deliberately putting glasses on the wrong shelf is not funny – but it was great to feel part of my family again. I have been on the outskirts for so long now. Living 1000s of miles away from your family can have its advantages, but I do miss them all. Growing up with two brothers and a sister was hard work, and, yes, the pointy elbows did come in very handy. There were many a times when I wished that I was an only child then, but not now – I wouldn’t change any of them for anything!
    Oh, and just so everyone knows, the eldest may have been Golden Balls, but the youngest always got away with everything. A cheeky grin can get you a long way when you are the baby of the family. And Moon milked that for all he could get! And you can’t help but love him.

  3. that was nice moon (see everyone i can be sensible so f— off,ha ha !
    Three wins on the bounce now fella and three great renditions of “meet the gang”,god it’s only rock and roll but i like it !! xxxxxx

  4. Good post sir. Personally I am an only child and my family overall are…..strong willed and fragmented. That and Boarding school mean I have an exceedingly independent mindset and don’t miss what I didn’t have. Sounds like you have a good sis there, and at least now you are both on the same continent 🙂

  5. Good post Moon. I think thriftcriminal is me… but in another form. I too am an only child and, although my parents and I are very close, the rest of the family isn’t particularly. I *also* went to boarding school and, like TC don’t miss what I never had.

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  6. Cortes : I think ‘special needs’ family !!!, we are lucky to be so close

    DBM : You are welcome, you know me, heart on sleeve, and not afraid to show it !… I got away with nothing, I was neglected !

    Thrifty : Mrs M is also an only child, who went to boarding school, unlike DBM, I never wished to be a single child, wonder which is best ?

    Nutty : We are a very close family, I miss them back home, looking forward to the trip back in Sept, but with email, phone, blogs… we keep in touch regulary, I am a very lucky boy

    A : Marvellous, do miss “Meet the Gang”… I save that tune for another blog I think ….”We are here to make you feel gay………….”

  7. I loved your post, despite the lack of promised boobs. It ALMOST made want to call my brothers (all of ’em!) and apologise for beating them up as children…

    Course, now they tower over me, so I plays nice…

    One gripe though…

    You said ‘Dude’. On Purpose. Now, I’ve never been to the U S of A, but isn’t that against the law? Or if it isn’t, shouldn’t it be?

  8. P.S. I’m with Bugs on the Moving-Stuff-Around-In-Kitchen debacle.

    That’s a shooting offense…

  9. Jen : It’s highly amusing though, she is obsessed over those kinda things ….used to make my morning enjoyable watching swear and curse around the kitchen !, Yes, dude was said on purpose, my new USA roots !!!

  10. Ah I love getting to know you and slice of life blogs. I’m the eldest of four and love two of my siblings dearly. One (ironically the third child) has chosen to leave the family fold and is rarely heard from. I actually live next door to my brother (we share the same block of land) so it’s pretty cool and my sister is my once-a-week coffee pal! Can’t choose ’em so you may as well get on with ’em! – oh and more than me in the kitchen is one person too many!

  11. Now, I may say that I wished I was an only child, but only sometimes – like the time I wanted horse riding lessons. “Well, if we get those for you, we will have to let everyone else do something, and we can’t afford that.” So, no riding lessons, no trips to France to go skiing. Also, I had to share a bedroom with R. This was fine until she hit puberty and then the next few years of my life were hell. When she was good, she was very, very good, but when she was bad, she was wicked! Talk about chalk and cheese! We get on great now, but then we are separated by a large body of water.

  12. LOL! I hear ya!

    Growing up, I was mostly to be found carrying around largish chunks of my sib’s hair. Hard won hair, mind!

    Now that we’re ‘all growed up’ we call each other all the time. My sis and I are very close – she even let me be her birthing partner when my Darling niece was born.

    So, getting on with sibws – Yay! Fat, hairy phone bills – Boo! 😛

  13. Aw, that was cute. And you have to remember that the last time I saw Bugs was…oooh, how many years ago? Glad to see that the family genes (ability to say ‘fuck!’ a lot, OCD, random shouting…) have finally risen to the surface though!

    Yeh and I love my brothers too. Even Ali. Honest.

    Oh and Moon: Spell check, spell check, spell check

  14. EM : I am not sure if I am bad speller, or just a fat fingered typer !… I don’t say Fuck, I don’t shout and I certainly do not have OCD, exactly the opposite !

    Jen : I speak more now to my other sister and Ma than I did when I was at home, Ma has free international calls.. so we speak all the time ..

    Biano : I agree about the too many people in the kitchen bit, Mrs M is a marvellous cook, so I stay clear until the washing up is to be done !

  15. “EM : I am not sure if I am bad speller, or just a fat fingered typer !… I don’t say Fuck, I don’t shout and I certainly do not have OCD, exactly the opposite !”

    Durr! You just said ‘fuck’ there. We all read you…

    Shouting – give it time, you ain’t been married very long…

    OCD – see above…

    (jennynib would like to disassociate herself from the thoughts expressed here if these thoughts are read by Himself, from whom she hopes to get something ‘Spensive and Shiny)


  16. Jen : Fuck.. did i ???? shit !

    Thats true, I did do alot of shouting first time around with Ellie….. but she shouted louder, I think we fed off each other, I never shout with Mrs M…. she scares me too much !

  17. Another poor only child here,you are so lucky Moon.Btw just got back from Jacksonville doing 80 and 90 mph.Done Alligator Alley many times.

  18. June : Yeah, I am very lucky to have 3 great siblings, and 3 great cousins, and I mean that, I get on really well with all of them !, they can’t stand me, thats why I am in California !!!!!

    If you get caught, either do a Thelma and Louise, or act like a dumb tourist, the later worked for me !

  19. And this is the family I married into… Crazy, loud, moaning almost about everything, but wonderful, loveable and so dear to my heart. Mrs. DBM truly is a wonderful person and I am so proud that she is my sister-in-law. She grows flies in her kitchen, feeds crickets to her frogs and is very strong minded. Stubborn …mmmmmm runs in the family ?

    PS: I thought I am the One who has a problem with English spelling Moon ! numpty !

  20. Oh Mrs M, you make me chuckle! I now have another two preying mantids to feed my flies to.

    Moon: You’ve been tagged! Pthththth!

  21. What a sweet post! I love it!! DBM has been on my blogroll for a while now and on my feed-reader for longer than that. I’ve never met her, but I think I would love her if I did – I certainly consider her a blogging friend!

    So funny to see you two fighting online! Are we NEVER to hear the last of the ‘glasses on the wrong shelf’ saga? ROFL!

  22. No, cos she is wrong, and obsessed ……I will always move them around !

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