Posted by: Moon | July 10, 2008

I’m a Virgin, and proud of it !

Well, here I am, never ever thought I would be sat writing a first post to my own blog. I had never really considered either reading a blog, or especially writing a blog, but recently I have been seduced into the world of the blogger. I originally thought of bloggs as the home of the Nerd, the home of the sad man, with no girlfriends, sitting in his/her dark bedroom….. I might still be right on that, but I have be taught to open my mind, and have discovered two very important influences that have bought me to this point.


My dearest sister, Don’t Bug Me, and my cousin, Englishmum in Ireland, are the two influences. Both have very different types of blogs, both immensely entertaining, and I have become an avid reader of these two blogs, even making some witty remarks with them, and their fellow readers.


So, why start a blog ? who will read ?, who will comment ?, who will be nice or mean ??, who knows, I expect no-one to read or comment, and that’s just fine. As I approach middle age, I find myself daydreaming in the car, shower, office (oops, perhaps I should be working?) about life, things that amuse me, concern me, annoy the hell out of me, or just plain daft things… and it will help my sanity to put them down on the interweb thingy. My blog will be influenced by DBM and EM, but I hope it will also be different, a male point of view for starters, will probably involve more references to sport and boobs !

In the last few days, as I decided to start all this, I have come up with about 15 different subjects that I want to talk about, you will think they are dull, you will take the piss out of me I am sure (after all, I take the mickey out of anyone I can, so if you can’t laugh at yourself, then go home). So what will be the first subject for my blog ???? I have no idea, I guess this is the first one.

For those of you who know me, i will never everrefer to anyone by their names, this blog is filled with Pseudonyms, please don’t ask who the people I refer to are, and any comment you make, please use a pseudonym yourself… living in the land of the USofA, I can’t afford to be sued for my opinions.

The beautiful Mrs M is my wonderful wife, DBM/Bugs is my sister in Vancouver and EM is my cousin living in Ireland… others will come about, and hopefully so will you ! Please read, laugh, raise your eyebrows, scoff, whatever you please, but also, leave your comments and thoughts, that’s kinda the whole point.


I am guessing I will have to translate some classic English phrases to my American friends, recently I had to explain ‘lashed’ and ‘numpty’. One final point on my virgin post, I have terrible typing skills, my English grammar is shocking, and I use …….. far to much.. ah well, bollocks to you English teachers, it’s my blog, if you don’t like it .. you can turn me off…. but please don’t, I am a sensitive soul !


So to all my friends in England, Ireland, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Slovakia …. here are my rambling thoughts ……. enjoy !


Be Good




  1. Well my dearest husband,
    I am very proud of you. It takes quite a bit of effort to neglect me and write a blog but I don’t mind. I am sure you will come up with more than 15 themes and you will bring a smile on others faces, not only on mine. Good luck and many comments. Xxxx

  2. When I first read the title of the blog I thought to myself, “Poor, Mrs M!” and then i kept reading…and obviously it wasn’t what I thought. HAHA!

    What exactly does “numpty” mean? The English slang differs so slightly from the American tongue. Enlighten me, friend? 🙂

  3. Ah, welcome my Enterprise friend, Well Sharla my dear, Numpty is infact Scottish.. means idiot, fool, knobhead, but in a nice friendly way, what you would call your boyfriend when he leaves the seat up on the loo !

  4. This could become an essential part of my day. I look forward to commenting on your musings. Should be most interesting.

  5. Cortes : until the football returns, what else is a man supposed to do ?

  6. Hi Moon! Welcome to Blogdom! Glad to have you join us. Lovely photo of you and the missus – looking forwad to seeing you both very soon, assuming you don’t bugger off right before we arrive. If you do, just make sure you leave us a key! Perhaps we could do a joint blog while I am there?

  7. which picture, the one you took, or the one on the beach ?…..

    A joint blog, now there is an idea, we could post at the same time, and see what different results we get !

    We won’t bugger off, we need gardening advice !

  8. The one I took, you numpty! Oooohh, I really do like that word. Are you just sitting at your computer waiting for comments so that you can reply straight away? Oh dear…….
    PS I have added you to my blogroll.

  9. Nice effort Moon. You ramble well. Great pic of you and Mrs M. Are you going to discuss the world’s problems here? Or just the state of your cousin’s mind?
    Stay well, we are off to Oz end of next week for a month, looking forward to it and the kids are really excited. 11 years is a long time to be away!

  10. Moon – this actually looks professional, I cant believe you have done this! Fantastic effort, of course, if it were the other way round, you would tear into me BUT, because I am a nice bloked I will say “well done.” By the way, ‘Pseudonyms’? I was shocked when I saw that word, were you going through the ‘P’ part of the dictionary when you saw that one? Speak soon.

  11. YAY! Congratumalations my darling, a blogger you shall be! I’ll do you a nice linkeroony shortly, and maybe even a post to get some readers you way (not that you’ll need much help in that direction I’m sure).

    Happy blogging! xxx

  12. Moon! I love it. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only numpty who didn’t know what numpty meant :o)

    Great picture of you & your lovely bride on the beach. I look forward to meeting her.

  13. JB – No, I am sure it is not a well used word in the land of the brave x

    Johnny Boy – WHOOOOOOO ?, nice to see you can use a PC, I expect regular input from you !, and no, I am surprisley well read, but I did need the spell Checker for that one !

    Oz – My friend, hope you have safe flights, good luck on such a long flight with 3 smalls !, also, who will help lift up the luggage into the overhead lockers for you ?

    Bugs : … eeerrrr, yes .. x it is a great picture, and so is the one on the beach… more photos to follow !

  14. Hey there! Hmm, boobs, right I’ll be coming back here then.

  15. MOOOOON, WOW…very impressive. I had to do a double take on the photo of you and your wife! Classic, just what i would expect from you and nothing less with the whole blog. You are surely one to keep any eye on!

    I do have a request as i miss hearing it first hand, will you give a daily dose of Proper English and slang as part of the educate America Blog. As Mr. redwine at the end of the bar would say ” why do you Americans insist on Mutilating the language we so kindly let you borrow.”

    Besides getting a kick out of you guys taking the piss or micky out of us, it’s rather nice to know when it’s happening.
    cheers for the laugh and smiles xo

  16. Mooooooon

    You keep it going mate. If the septics need to understand anything, let them watch re-runs of the Fast Show no what I mean geezer.

    Wait till you see the look on their mooes.

    Cheers from a bit of Blighty in Mexico

  17. Woo hoo! Well done you. I shall enjoy fliting between your family blogs!

    P.S. You look very well and your wife is beautiful x

  18. Thrifty : Does EM know you are two timing her blog !!, welcome aboard, and yes, this is a man’s view of the world, so Boobs will feature !!!

    Claire : Hey stranger, been along time, hope you will enjoy, and see if you can find time to visit the sane member of the family’s blog

    Trouble : Well, you taught me some of this daft American Language, so you should know all the things I will be talking about, you will love the blog I have planned about dogs !

    Fergo : Welcome my friend… there will be lots for you to enjoy… esp my cricket blogs !

  19. Love you moon bear, great photo of the beach, get some more pics up. I forgot to reply to you on the book of face but i shall do it tomorrow.


    Ps, the cricket day next week wont be the same without you 😦

    nice greetings to the lovely mrs m

  20. Javers – Wonderful to hear from you, I will miss another frisbee incident, hurting a disabled person, are you allowed back ?

  21. what a wanker !

  22. That Ali is so rude! I think it’s lovely I can keep in touch with my far-flung family… well done to you Moon, I shall raise a glass later to celebrate the birth of the new blog! X

  23. Alg, you can’t call someone a wanker then end it with a kiss. That’s just wrong.

    Moon, stop getting so many comments, you’re catching up with me and that’s just not croquet matey!

  24. Ooh and I meant to tell you – I’m made up, got Cristiano Ronaldo in my Weetos this morning. Jealous, much? x

  25. Welcome to the blogosphere weird world!

    You won’t get far with only fifteen ideas though. You will need at least sixteen. Boobs sounds promising, but the fact that Thrifty has been here lowers the tone immediately.

  26. Yeah! Great start, I’ll be checking often, I love your sense of humor. No buttocks though……

  27. Auntie : I blame his parents !, hope you enjoy, lovely to hear from you , enjoy your Pinot ! xx

    EM : think it is just the first interest of the rubbish I am writing, as for Mad A, you gotta love him x

    Kirst : Thought you had seen my tatoo… you know how much I love the club x

    Grandad : Welcome, I need some more manly influences, No recipies etc, and def some Boobs, thats a promise ! thought of some new ideas while showering this morning… too many, so little time !

    Sandra : Nope, won’t be showing of my bum, thats not for the public… well, unless I have a few to many beers, then it might appear out of a car window !

  28. you really have gone all “west coast” you ginger tosser ! get your ar** back over here ! and bring your gorgeous wife with you we’ll save you mate , before it’s too late !

  29. Welcome to the Interweb Thingy!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE the photo, by the way. It gives me a nice, warm fuzzy feeling where I’m supposed to have a heart.

    Numpty = Amadán = Gobshite = Eejit

    As for blogging kisses to wankers, I find it’s really the only menthos that works, meself…

    Can’t wait to read more, don’t disappoint, Moon – you’ve been bookmarked!!


  30. Moon.

    Nice to see Ali has become more philosophical in his old age. That was really deep for him.

    Just of to the beach to watch the hurricane going past.

  31. Mogstar : My great friend, I can assure you that you will be appearing on here, I have some good ideas about featuring you my hairy friend !, I’ll be back in sept for a few beers, trust you will be there on the 27th ??

    Ferg : Enjoy the storm, hope you don’t get blown away, and yes, my dearest Ali still talks from his heart, love him to death !

    Jen : Welcome honey, thanks for visiting, hope you get some enjoyment from my ramblings, really just feeding my ego !, think I might need to explain wankers to my american friends !, also, I am sure you have a heart, even though you threatened to blow my knee caps away !

  32. Well done Moon, about time.Reading blogs from all over i have links to dictionaries. Urban dictionary,The Australian Slang dictionary and The Craic-Irish dictionary .Been very helpful as i sit there and go “Huh”.Cant wait for your next post.

  33. Came here through English Mum’s site, but from the number of comments, you obviously didn’t need her help. Welcome to blogging. I’ll be looking forward to reading your posts.

    Carole from Canada

  34. Yukon : I think it is more idle curisosity, we will see how many people return as I start to ramble, thanks for visiting, pls come back, i love my international audience, but I have a long long way to go to match EM, the blogging leg-end

    June : Hi June, welcome from sunny Florida, I was stopped for speedy across Aligator Alley once… manage to smile my way out of it, I was doing about 90mph at the time !!!!!

  35. Oy! Jen… June… Carole – get back to my blog! God, you lot are like rats jumping off a sinking ship. I’ll get me coat….

  36. And stop calling me a leg end :8

  37. Crikey! first post and 36 comments! I had to do a dozen before my sister popped her head around the virtual door! Oh, English Mum sent me but I’d have been here sooner if you’d had a blog earlier (does that make sense?) . . .um and we’re not all nerds and sadsacks . . .

  38. Awe, don’t worry Mum, we’ll come back. It’s your humour, I’m sure. 🙂

  39. Good luck with your blog, Moon. I’m sure you will have a lot of ideas to entertain us.

    But take care of your grammar, please! From my far far away Quebec, I was counting on you to learn how to write well english and now I discover that you’re not a pro for that… But, in a new way, it’s good… If I make mistakes, I will say it’s because of you! I’m waiting for your next post.

    Mahout’s girl

  40. Hey Mahout Girl !!

    My English is terriblw I’m afraid, I type as I think, and my brain never uses correct grammar etc … hope you enjoy, and hope you will be an avid reader of my daft thoughts, living ina strange country !

    Love to S x

  41. Welcome to the blogosphere, Moon 🙂 Hope you enjoy your online adventures!

  42. You obviously have way too much time on your hands!! Enjoyable reading though. Even more enjoyable is English Mum’s sledging!!

    Love to All,
    Mrs M (OZ original), Stinkers and crew

  43. Another blog to take me away from earning a crust – l look forward to checking into your blog on a daily basis Moon as I do with EM’s and DBM’s – I love your family sense of humour 😀

    PS going back to see EM before she misses me 😉

  44. I’ll read, and comment, but I can’t promise to be good!

    PS – I use ellipses far too much, too! But you probably know that.

  45. ellipses …, I never knew that is what they are called, you learn something new everyday ! thanks Jay !

  46. Welcome to blogville – More boob photos please!

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